4 Top Benefits of Installing a Smart Video Doorbell

A large majority of intruders usually enter through the main door of a house, making you vulnerable to them at any time. Today, modern technology, specifically smart technology, has introduced devices that allow us to better guard our homes. Visit us to know more about Xfinity home security

Long gone are the days when we would have to get up and attend to people who either knock on your front door or press the doorbell. This is all thanks to smart video doorbells, that allow you to see and also communicate with the person at your doorstep.

These new advancements are one of the biggest reasons why consumers have begun finding the value in smart video doorbells and the many benefits it provides. In the past, smart devices used to be expensive, but now you are more than able to find one within your budget.

Smart doorbell cameras aren’t just affordable but rather simple to install all by yourself. It makes your life so much more convenient and safer in many ways. This may seem like a minor change, but it’s in fact more versatile than you think.

Doorbell cameras are also included in home security systems, as they’re considered an important part of the security of your home, and yourself. If you’re still unsure about getting one, here are four benefits that might end up changing your mind.

Deterring Intruders

Smart doorbell cameras simply make your home a difficult target when it comes to burglars and intruders. These door-to-door individuals might act as legitimate salespersons in order to try and lure you into opening the front door with their very refined pitch.

Believe it or not, this technique is still being used to this very day. Alternatively, they also use this particular method to check if the house is empty, and if the door doesn’t open, they’re very much aware that no one’s home. This only makes them more confident about wanting to break in.

As a homeowner, you can safely respond to such potential threats without having to head to your front door. And you can do this with the help of a smart video doorbell. In fact, you can even do this remotely, as most of these smart devices have remote access.

By installing a visible smart doorbell camera, it acts perfectly as security against these attacks. You can see through the device’s app as to who’s at the door and alert relevant authorities if something seems suspicious. Moreover, these would-be intruders will know that their identity is captured and recorded on video, hence they will be hesitant about breaking in.

Providing Evidence

Smart video doorbells record everything that’s happening at your doorstep. These videos are further stored on the Cloud or the device’s relevant platform. Footage from these wireless doorbell cameras acts as crucial evidence in the case of burglary, theft, or vandalism.

Front door videos recorded through a smart video doorbell can be proof of a crime and further help in filling for homeowner’s insurance claims. Police usually utilize recorded security footage in building a case, which often leads to making arrests.

Furthermore, video images can also help in identifying the intruder or perpetrator of a crime that happened in your neighborhood, and not just your home. This is only possible if the camera is set up in a position.

Integrating With Home Security Systems and Other Smart Devices

Smart doorbell cameras will allow you to have peace of mind, knowing that you have an extra layer of security. These doorbell cameras not only monitor but also record motion when you’re away and asleep.

You will receive real-time alerts on the smart video doorbell app, and also be able to check what’s happening around your house without having to physically step outside of your home, as it can be dangerous, especially if you’re home alone.

It’s highly recommended to use doorbell cameras alongside other security cameras that are mounted around your house. Moreover, you can also integrate your smart video doorbell with other smart devices.

Wi-Fi enables smart video doorbells can be connected to your smartphone or other smart devices. You just have to make sure that these devices are compatible with one another before purchasing them blindly, you can find information online or at the back of the device’s packaging.

See Who Came By While You Were Away

Another major benefit of having a smart video doorbell is that you will never be left in the dark as to who came by when you weren’t around. This is extremely beneficial for those of you who usually have home deliveries.

If for some reason you missed a video call, your doorbell camera will snap a photo of the visitor, and both the time and date will be logged in. You can check the identity of the visitor, and get back to them at the earliest possible time.

Also, these wireless doorbell cameras also help track home deliveries. In fact, some doorbells have a feature that notifies you whenever a delivery service arrives, or when a delivery is left at your doorstep.


Smart video doorbells are a smart investment in today’s date and time. It also provides you with security and peace of mind whenever you’re not around to attend the door.

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