A Family Christmas: What to Stock Up On

Lots of people have been looking forward to welcoming family and friends for a big Christmas celebration – since last year when festivities of that kind were cancelled at the last minute.

Today we’re taking a look at some of the most important preparations you can make for a family Christmas – how you can stock up for visitors!


The Christmas Day feast is the centerpoint of many Christmas celebrations, but don’t forget the days surrounding it. If you’ve got a house full of family for a week – or even a weekend – they’ll take a lot of feeding . Think about what you’ll need to keep people full and happy for the length of their stay.

Porridge is a good option for breakfast – oats and oatmeal are easy to store and long lasting, and it’s easy to scale up a pot of porridge to make enough for a houseful! Pickles and preserves are also a good way to make simple lunches and dinners tastier and more interesting.

If you’re having guests, think about food in advance, plan some meals and ask for a bit of help – asking people to bring a contribution is only fair when you’re hosting.

The Medicine Cabinet

There are all sorts of ways for Christmas to be derailed by illness and injury. Food poisoning, overindulgence, cuts and scrapes, or bouts of cold and flu can all put a crimp in Christmas, and the effect of these things are only magnified if you have a houseful of people trying to enjoy themselves.

Making sure your medicine cabinet (or box, chest or old biscuit tin in the cupboard) is fully stocked is one way to help ward off the worst possible calamities.

Plasters and gauze can help repair any kitchen mishaps, and a spread of painkillers and cold and flu remedies can help keep headaches and the standard winter infections under control.

Overindulgence and upset stomachs are perennial risks at Christmas, and it’s a good idea to be ready for them, rather than find yourself combing the streets for anti-acid tablets at 9pm on Christmas Day! Also consider including rehydration aids too. Upset stomachs dehydrate you and eat into your reserve of electrolytes. Something like an ORS rehydration tablet can help restore the balance and send the symptoms packing sooner.

Cleaning Supplies

One thing Christmas generates is a lot of cleaning up. From recycling wrapping paper to washing up, to spilled drinks and dropped food, Christmas is a busy time for cleaning. Check on your supplies and make sure you have the essentials: washing up liquid, kitchen roll, dishwasher tablets, sponges and scrubbers and, in the event of spillages, a big packet of salt to quickly throw down.

One Last Thing

No one wants to run out of toilet roll on Christmas Day, so throw a back up pack in your trolley!

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