Basic Questions about Samsung Phones, Answered

Because Utah has one of the youngest populations in the United States, mobile phone penetration is high here. Some of them might be using or planning to buy a Samsung unit.

If this is you, then you better get more acquainted with the brand. Read the following FAQs:

  1. How Popular Are Samsung Phones?

Samsung is one of the most popular tech brands in the world today, and their mobile phones are incredibly in demand.

Take a look at this table from Counterpoint Research. Samsung has been consistent in taking the lead among all other mobile brands from 2018 to the second quarter of 2020.

It reached its peak in 2018 when it held a 22% market share against Apple, which landed in the second place. In 2019, it fell to 18%, but it remained number one and tied with Apple. By 2020, its demand picked up again despite the coronavirus threat.

Further, in 2019, Samsung sold nearly 7 million 5G phones, beating its expectations. One of its closest competitors, Huawei, emerged the leader in this niche by selling 19 million units. However, much of it was in China.

  1. How Long Is the Warranty of the Phones?

In general, the warranty period of a Samsung phone is one year, and it already covers labor, parts, and battery. You might also receive up to 6 months’ coverage for accessories, such as chargers, that come with the box.

If a part of the unit is defective upon receipt, Samsung will either replace or repair it – no questions asked and no need for out-of-pocket costs. However, under the limited liability warranty, some problems might be on you, like a broken screen.

Once the warranty expires, you have the option to extend it through Samsung Care+ program. Under this, the coverage will continue every two years. It also provides accidental damage protection, such as when you spill fluids, onto the phone.

However, it comes with a price. The program’s cost ranges from $3.99 to $11.99 monthly, depending on the phone. So far, it covers mostly Galaxy models only. Cracked screens have a separate fee of $29.

In the long-term, it can be pricier to subscribe to this optional warranty coverage. It can be more economical to just look for a specialist in screen repair if you have issues.

  1. What Is the Resale Value of Samsung Phones? 

First of all, all mobile devices depreciate, so don’t expect to get a lot when you sell or trade your unit regardless of whether it’s a Samsung or Apple.

Unfortunately, Samsung has one of the lowest trade-in values in the market today. According to a report by BankMyCell, the average value loss in 2019 for this brand was over 33%. For example, a Samsung Galaxy S10+ could lose nearly $375. Compare that to Apple, which had the lowest loss at 26%.

On the upside, Samsung fared better than other Android brands like LG, Motorola, and Google. These three could already lose almost or over 50% of their value. Samsung is also currently selling such a model with an enhanced trade-in value.

Samsung isn’t the only excellent Android brand in the market today, but it’s certainly one of the most popular. But to help you decide if this is what you should get, keep these FAQs in mind.

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