Church Bells Ringing: Plan Your Way to a Wonderful Wedding

So you just said yes to the big question? You’re engaged now, and as a bride-to-be, you should start getting on with those wedding plans of yours. Planning a wedding is a time-consuming, often frustrating task, and it can make you feel at a loss, especially on where to start. Don’t fret! Here are a few simple suggestions on how to start planning your dream wedding.

It’s all about the cost.

Before you start combing through bridal magazines and start looking at Pinterest for ideas, remember, the first step in planning your wedding is to have a budget. That will make it easier for you to decide the specific cost for every detail or service you want to have the wedding of your dreams. Remember, you’re getting married, this is all about the two of you, don’t think about impressing anyone. You might want an invitation decorated with gold foil paper, but that won’t ensure your happiness or make the two of you as a couple happy.

Research away!

Now you have settled the most important part of planning your wedding, and you can do your research and explore your options when it comes to the theme, motif, or the basic setup for your wedding. Researching through bridal magazines, bridal websites, and Pinterest should be your number 1 priority. While doing your research, you will now have an idea about the things you have to include on your checklist.

Every smart bride and groom starts with a checklist.

After combing through millions and millions of magazines and websites, you will now have a vision for your wedding. It doesn’t matter if it still vague; what’s important is you can finally start making even small decisions now. Start by having a checklist of every tiny detail you have to arrange for your wedding. Be systematic with your list because it can work wonders with the planning, such as starting with the number of guests that can help you decide with the size of the venue, while the theme can help you with the location. Make your checklist, and be sure to use this as a guide when making your decisions.

So what should you include in your to-do-list?

Your list should start with the basic must-do for a wedding. You can start with the date, the theme, decoration, and design. You can start looking for the best venue for your wedding ceremony and also your reception. Start having a dress and suit fittings for both of you and even for your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Don’t forget the flowers for the wedding ceremony and reception! Fresh bouquets and floral arrangements can do wonders for any venue and can accentuate any dress or suit. Good thing there are professional wedding florists who offer not only floral arrangement but also packages which include decor, lighting, and even furniture rental for any wedding themes.

Planning a wedding can be brutal, but remember that a cool head and superb planning are what you need when making decisions for your dream wedding. So plan away!

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