Creating the perfect password every time

Sometimes it feels like there is a story about cybercrime, hackers, and data leaks hitting the news every week. As hackers and bots become stronger and smarter, it is more important than ever to make sure that your passwords are well crafted and well protected.

We all know not to use generic terms like “password” or “12345” as our passwords and to keep passwords safe. However, beyond these simple tips, what else do you know? Passwords are a flimsy barrier between hackers and your personal, potentially sensitive information and data.

The next time you are prompted to create a new password, do not panic! Just refer to the below tips on how to create a great password and keep it safe!

Choose something you will remember

Ideally, you do not want to compromise your security by writing down your passwords somewhere. So it is better to choose a password that you will remember. When selecting a memorable password, avoid any signifiers that hackers could quickly identify with a quick Google search or a browse through your social media. Stay away from passwords that involve the names of your family members, partner, pets, or any family maiden names.

If you feel that memorizing your passwords is not feasible, you can always opt for a password manager. There is a full array of different kinds of password managers that range from platforms providing free accounts to others that offer highly secure, upgraded paid accounts.

Do not be afraid to use characters

The next time you are prompted to create a quality password for your social media account or the Best NJ Online Casino companies on the web, do not be intimidated by characters and numbers. Adding characters and numbers to your password will heighten the password’s complexity and make it more difficult to hack.

Longer is better

Although longer passwords are more cumbersome and can be more challenging to remember, they tend to be more secure. The US National Institute of Standards and Technology allows users to create passwords that have spaces and are up to 64 characters in length, now that’s long!

When possible, choose two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication has been identified to be one of the best things you can do to protect yourself and your data online. Although it is not perfect, two-factor authentication is an excellent way to block many hacks and cyber-attacks.Every time there is a new activity or attempted activity in your account such as a login or a password change, you will receive a text message alerting you. If someone else is trying to log into your account, you can then quickly take action to protect your account.

These are just a few easy steps you can take to protect yourself and your accounts online. To always stay one step ahead of the hackers, it is essential to keep learning and stay up to date on the latest security measures on the market!

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