Different Types of Cardboard Boxes For Different Types of Packaging Applications

Cardboard boxes are basically prefabricated cardboard boxes, mostly used for shipping goods and packaging materials and is also recyclable. Cardboard boxes are made from high quality, thick, moisture-resistant, and PVC-free cardboard to ensure long lasting durability. However, experts in industry rarely use the word cardboard as it doesn’t denote any particular material as it is just a generic term.

These boxes come in different sizes and shapes depending on your requirement and preferences. You can use these boxes for packing food, beverages, books, figurines, and many more. Many companies offer packaging solutions to clients across the world by using corrugated cardboard boxes. They have an expert team of professionals who help you to choose the suitable container according to your needs and budget.

Cardboard Boxes are available in two major varieties, namely, corrugated fiberboard and corrugated cardboard. Both of these boxes are made from high quality materials to ensure maximum durability and safety. The best thing about corrugated fiberboard boxes is that they are eco-friendly and very simple to use. Fiberboard boxes are also ideal for home, office, or retail applications. These boxes are available in different colors like blue, black, dark blue, dark gray, light blue, white, light gray, red, silver, and yellow to suit different preferences and tastes.

Cardboard Boxes can be further categorized into two main categories, namely, standard cardboard boxes and customized corrugated cardboard boxes. Standard cardboard boxes are pre-boxed product packaging, and are available in standard thickness (although thickness varies according to your requirements), variable size and shape, and standard color (it comes in any color). Custom boxes on the other hand are made specifically for your specifications and requirements, and are available in a variety of standard shapes and sizes to suit various applications and requirements. These customized boxes come with a complete solution package that includes everything that you may need to pack your product – name plaques, custom printed ribbons, special corner papers, self-adhesive tapes, packing tape, packing material, and a whole lot more.

There are two different types of corrugated fiberboard boxes: heavy paper stock and heavy cardboard. Corrugated heavy paper stock packaging is great for use in shipping products as it provides excellent protection, is sturdy, and offers good cushioning. The heavy cardboard boxes on the other hand are ideal for medium to large sized products. It is ideal for use in packaging smaller items because of its durability and ability to keep its shape (even when put under pressure). This packaging option is ideal for products such as clothing, books, confectionary, snack foods, tinned products, and toys.

So there you have it – the different types of corrugated board packaging. You now know what your cardboard boxes can be used for and how to create a fully customized packing solution. Go ahead and do it! Remember, corrugated board packaging isn’t just a convenience, it’s a great way to protect your valued goods and keep them safe during transport.

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