Hiring Toronto commercial movers during the pandemic

COVID-19 seems to have been here forever and it sure had a huge impact on every aspect of our lives. Since many people switched to home office and many jobs switched to remote, the need to hire office movers in Toronto grew higher and higher over the months. This is because lots of companies needed to empty their open spaces and other huge office spaces and move to smaller buildings. Businesses are expected to keep most of their employees working remote, which translates into needing less office space overall. In 2021, companies continue to request the services of office moving companies in Toronto. This is why we thought we’d share some important information about how Toronto office movers operate during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Experienced companies are the most reliable

If a moving company has been active for many years, this is most likely because they are reliable. Therefore, they strengthened a solid client base that keeps growing organically. At Let’s Get Moving, that is exactly how things worked. We have been working as residential and office movers in Toronto for over a decade now. From a few customers in the beginning, we now have thousands every year and there is an ascending trend in this regard. So if you find yourself in the need of office moving companies in Toronto, choose someone like us, with lots of experience. This way, you will not worry a bit about leaving your expensive office gear and appliances in the hands of your movers. Your movers will be careful, while at the same time working fast and effectively. In the unwanted, yet possible situation of an accident that leads to damage of any kind, the moving company will take responsibility. Any reputable Toronto office moving company will be fully insured, so don’t worry for a second that they will just damage items and leave.

Movers have strong COVID-19 protocols

Any office moving company in Toronto that respects its customers will have strong COVID-19 safety protocols. After all, movers get to meet with lots of people every day, so it is absolutely mandatory to protect themselves and the customers properly. Toronto office movers will pay even more attention to the safety measures than residential movers Mississauga, since they spend long periods of time on the job. We are not 100% sure about other office moving companies in Toronto, but we can tell you how we do things at Let’s Get Moving. First of all, our trucks, moving blankets, straps, and all other moving supplies are sanitized after each move. And besides, we take sanitizers with us everywhere we go and we use them whenever necessary. This is to ensure that our customers enjoy a clean environment throughout the entire move. Second, our movers wear protection masks and gloves, while at the same time keeping a safe distance from customers. The health and safety of our customers, whether residential or commercial, is one of our top priorities. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, when everyone must pay a lot of attention to safety measures at work and during all social interactions.

Your movers will be flexible

Moving involves lots of planning and, as much as one wants to have everything under control, it sometimes just doesn’t happen. The bigger the move, the bigger the chance something occurs on the way. At Let’s Get Moving, we help relocate thousands of people and offices every year. So if anything occurs and you can no longer move your office on the scheduled day and time, we will do everything to adapt to your needs. Especially during COVID-19, when new regulations change plans at all times… and so do infections. It has often happened that customers who booked a move had to reschedule because of the office being quarantined or the move coordinator getting infected. Moreover, we know that regular business hours are usually not the most wanted timeslots for scheduling office moves. This is why we are willing to help you enjoy the easiest office move in Toronto, regardless of what your preferences are. As soon as you will get in touch with us, let our operators know of any tiny details that could use in providing you with a seamless commercial move. After that, just relax. Your office movers will come to your headquarters on the scheduled day and they will complete the job in no time.

While the pandemic and the virus are serious issues and everyone should take them into consideration, life’s course should not stop because of them. The Canadian authorities have stated that both residential and office movers are essential businesses. So if your plan is to move your office this year, even if the pandemic is not over, please gather the courage to do so! If you choose the right moving company to do the work for you, you will thank yourself later. At Let’s Get Moving, we specialize in office movers Toronto and beyond. If you need office movers that are reliable, respectful, and keep you protected during the COVID-19 pandemic, you are in the right place. Get in touch today for more information on this and for a free estimate!

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