How to treat your pet’s anxiety

The best way of treating anxiety in your pet is to talk to your veterinarian. They can be in a position of helping you to identify the anxiety type which your dog suffers from and the possible triggers and causes.

The veterinarian will help you in determining if it is simple, situational anxiety or if it is an overwhelming issue for your dog. Apart from that, the veterinarian can as well rule out any other conditions medically which might be causing the dog to have anxiety symptoms. 

Experts at Suzie’s CBD Treats recommend veterinarians because they believe that you will get the help in terms of the treatment plan. Because too much anxiety is caused by various factors, the best way of treating it is by combining preventive strategies, training, and medications in some scenarios.

Counterconditioning and training

There are various training strategies that you can utilize in treating dog anxiety. One of the ways is to counterconditioning. Its purpose is changing the response of your dog to the stimuli that are responsible for the anxiety, normally by having to place the aggressive behavior or anxiety with a behavior that is more desirable like focusing on the owner or sitting.

Another strategy for training is desensitization. That is where you slowly try to introduce the dog to the anxiety source, preferably in smaller doses and at a lower intensity. The exposure that repeats and having to reward for any positive behavior might go a long way in managing the anxiety.

You can go ahead and get a professional dog trainer to assist in choosing the best approach for your dog because training a dog which is already anxious might not be easy.

Medication for anxiety for dogs

When there is a serious anxiety disorder with your dog, it might be recommended that you go for natural therapies or medication. The antidepressants and SSRI are prescribed occasionally for dogs having anxiety and they include clomipramine and fluoxetine. For events that are predictable to produce anxiety-like fireworks, thunderstorms, or car rides, the veterinarian might have to prescribe a medication like a benzodiazepine together with an antidepressant to assist the dog to cope with the forthcoming stress.

The use of CBD oil for dog anxiety

Certain owners report that CBD oil use can help in treating dog anxiety. CBD refers to a compound that is found in hemp and cannabis which dog owners and humans have found to be quite useful to treat various health conditions.

With so many ways of treating dog anxiety, you should ensure that you stick to the best for your dog because different dogs react differently to different medications.

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